David Olney with Sergio Webb


David Olney! We had the sheer pleasure of hosting the iconic and incomparable on our Catfish stage on a beautiful and sunny January Sunday afternoon.


Our audience was absolutely packed to the gills (tickets sold out well in advance) with fans and friends, all becoming a tight-knit family woven together by the legendary songwriter’s intricate, haunting and stunning lyrics. Accompanied by the incredible instrumentalist Sergio Webb, Olney’s diverse set of house shakers (“Mexico”) and heartbreakers (“1917 – The French Prostitute”) had the entire crowd on the edge of their seats, craving more.


Townes Van Zandt once named Olney as one of the greatest songwriters of all time, and Olney certainly did Townes proud by covering not one, but three Townes songs – “Rex’s Blues,” “For The Sake of the Songs” and a killer version of “Snake Song” that nearly combusted the neighborhood with Webb’s fiery guitar solos.


Everything added up to a truly a magical night that we’ll remember always.

Please join us on February 16 for Kent Finlay (with a special guest song-circle).  All proceeds will benefit the Kent Finlay Medical Fund: http://jennifinlaypromotions.com/kentfinlaymedicalfund.htm

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