HalleyAnna with Philip Gibbs and Kathleen O’Keefe

Our sold-out crowd enjoyed openers Philip Gibbs and Kathleen O’Keefe as they performed as a duo for the very first time on our Catfish stage last night!
Both Philip and Kathleen are incredible songwriters of their own merit and they effortlessly melded together as even more than their individual parts. They debuted several brand new songs and our audience delighted in what undoubtedly will soon be Americana’s new super-couple.
After opening Catfish shows for Rod Picott and Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay, HalleyAnna came in last night fresh off the road with Todd Snider for her first headline gig on our stage. She seamlessly threaded heartbreak (“Walk Away”) and hope (“The Bee”) throughout her set.
As we’ve seen before, HalleyAnna’s finest frame endings as vibrantly as beginnings (“Back in Your Arms Again”). Favorite moment: HalleyAnna treating us to a first-time cover of Townes Van Zandt’s “Brother Flower,” a frequently overlooked gem in the legendary songwriter’s catalog. (Earlier, Philip and Kathleen offered a stirring take on Van Zandt’s classic “Snowin’ on Raton’.”)
“It’s time for me to go, you know/It’s not that I don’t love you,” HalleyAnna sang in “The Bee” as the sun sank into the forest. “It’s just time for us to grow.” The song gave us a perfect ending to another wonderful evening in the back yard.
Next up: BettySoo and Curtis McMurtry perform on July 21. Hope you’ll join us!
Photos by Brian T. Atkinson (All rights reserved)

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