Jon Dee Graham


We celebrated our eighth Catfish Concert in true South Austin style with a genuine legend: The one and only Jon Dee Graham, a songwriter’s songwriter if there ever was one.

Graham’s songs resonate with unmistakable depth and weight. Accordingly, his set was equally captivating and compelling with cunning banter and poignant lyrics that had us alternating between howls and tears. In our intimate setting at Catfish Concerts, every audience member in our capacity crowd felt like Jon Dee was singing directly to them.

Jon Dee gave us some real treats, reaching deep into his catalog with very rare live performances including “Black Box” and “World So Full.” He also unveiled brand new songs off his forthcoming record, Do Not Forget (CLICK HERE for details).   Ever so cooly, Jon Dee used his intuitive ability to reveal our raw realities, uncover the beauty within and impart the hope and promise of what could be.

“You realize that covering a Townes Van Zandt song is much like sketching a Michelangelo masterpiece,” he said before the evening’s requisite Townes cover, “but I’m gonna give it my best shot…”  He nailed it. Our crowd as visibly moved by his profound take on “Snowin’ on Raton”:

Mother thinks the road is long and lonely

Little brother thinks the road is straight and fine

Little darling thinks the road is soft and lovely

I’m thankful that old road is a friend of mine…


Thanks so much, Jon Dee. We were so proud to have you on our stage for a night we’ll never forget.

Up next: We hope you’ll join us for Mando Saenz at 6p.m. (doors at 5) on Wednesday, October 2!

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