Mando Saenz with Elise Davis

Catfish Concerts proudly presented a rare treat Wednesday night direct from Nashville! We enjoyed an absolutely beautiful night, as sweet as the white wine sangria, filled with friends and family, music and memories we’ll remember for a lifetime.


American Songwriter’s Pub Contest winner Elise Davis kicked things off, performing compelling songs off her current EP, and revealing brand new tracks off her highly anticipated full-length release (available in 2014).  Her songs were filled with hope and hardship (“Make The Kill”), love and lessons learned (“He Takes Care of Me”).



Mando Saenz proved to be as genuine as the songs he writes. Naturally, he played songs off his current Americana smash, Studebaker, but he also delved deep into his back catalog to accommodate the requests of the many fans who had pilgrimaged from miles around to see this rare and intimate pared-down show (“When I Come Around”).



Mando and Elise together performed a stunning version of Townes Van Zandt’s “I’ll Be Here in the Morning” (a Catfish first and title of our own Brian T. Atkinson’s amazing book). Mando closed with a rare solo version of “Julia” (off his debut record Watertown).


Thanks again to our capacity crowd for joining us for this unforgettable evening! Next up: Walt Wilkins on October 20. Come on over…

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