Matt Harlan and Ryan Culwell

Things sure are heating up in Texas. We’re not talking just weather: May brought a sultry springtime Catfish Concert.
Nashville resident Ryan Culwell ( kicked off the show with an incredible set including stoic and lonesome original songs frequently evoking dry and dusty Panhandle imagery from yesteryear. Keep your eyes out for this rising Amarillo native. He’s a sharp young songwriter we were glad to welcome to our stage.
Matt Harlan ( has long earned the tag “songwriter’s songwriter.” He’s also a consummate performer. The Houston resident has an easy and always ready smile, quick wit and keen eye for sketching Technicolor narratives. Harlan effortlessly pulled our crowd into his world of small-town heroes (“Bow and Be Simple”) and big-city castoffs (“Elizabethtown”).
After the gig, the performers all hung around and led a guitar pull that paid homage to Gram Parsons, Townes Van Zandt and other great singer-songwriters who have guided their paths over the years.
L-R: Brian T. Atkinson, Matt Harlan, Tiffany Walker, Ryan Culwell, Rachel Jones (Photo by Jenni Finlay; all others by Brian T. Atkinson)

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