Susan Gibson


Susan Gibson kicked off our second year with equal measures grace and gratitude on a beautiful spring Sunday evening. We couldn’t have asked for a better time.

Susan kept our lively jam-packed crowd on the edge of their seats as she performed songs from her extensive catalog. What a songwriter! She offered songs filled with determination (“Perfect World”), love (“Cloud 9”), hope (“Tightrope”) and every other deep emotion. Her efforts clearly connected with her fans at Catfish.


We don’t mean just those lucky ones gathered in the back yard. For the first time, we streamed the show internationally, bringing our concert series to folks around the world!


Susan honored our house rule by learning the famous Townes song “If I Needed You” for the occasion. “[Catfish Concerts] invites all of their artists to learn and perform a Townes Van Zandt song and I was really anxious about this because Townes Van Zandt was a legend in the music that I love,” she said before the song. “The people who influenced me were totally influenced by Townes Van Zandt. You can’t get away from him being an influence in this kind of music.  So it’s about damn time I learn a Townes Van Zandt song.” Her banjo-picked version (a Catfish first!) was stunning.


Susan ended with her world-wide smash hit, “Wide Open Spaces” (made popular as the title track to the Dixie Chicks debut album) and encored with the thoroughly entertaining folk rap “But a Dream (No Fair: No Fairy Tale).”

Susan’s amazing songs woven through the perfect spring breezes made this a great start for year two.  Hope to see you May 11 for The Hems!


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