Walt Wilkins


Walt Wilkins absolutely personifies what Catfish Concerts is about. We were so proud Sunday evening to present Walt, as genuine and giving a person as we’ve ever known. The songs he performed will stay with us forever.

Walt’s songs are inspiring (“Someone Somewhere Tonight”) and uplifting (“If It Weren’t For You”) and effortlessly transported our sell-out crowd to other times and places (“Walnut Street,” “Our Lady of the Avenue”).


As we sipped the hot white wine cider and cold Lagunitas brews, Walt played all our favorites and delighted us with a couple new songs he’s still working out. What a special treat. Walt even included the great Davis Raines song “Big Shiny Cars,” whose message resonated on this crisp autumn night:

Shoot for the moon, you wind up ‘mongst the stars.

Some day we’ll be able to get a good table,

And ride around town in them big shiny cars.”


Walt captivated us with compelling tales from the road and clearly touched hearts with stories about his beautiful wife, Tina, and son Luke. (Who, we’re happy to note, earned his first Little League MVP award just before the show.) Walt fills his songs with endless depth and weight, but much like Townes Van Zandt, he frequently lightened the mood with funny stories. (Hint: Next time, ask him for his Lester “Roadhog” Moran impersonation. Yes, indeed, mighty fine, mighty fine.)


Two unquestionable highlights: Walt’s ramblin’, gamblin’ cover of Townes’ “Loretta,” filled with asides and crowd participation, and his beautiful version of Mickey Newbury’s “Ramblin’ Blues” that haunted our surrounding forest with these unforgettable lines:

I’m like a feather in the wind

I cannot fly, I cannot fall

Like a tree that cannot bend

In the end, I’ll lose it all

Thanks so much for joining us for this incredible night and don’t miss the next Catfish Concert: Will Sexton and Charlie Faye on Sunday, November 10!

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