“Catfish Concert is among the most intimate, friendly, and inspired & inspirational house concerts in the country,
and most likely the world.  Its like hanging out with your favorite folks in a treehouse, built by your favorite
uncle, the one who paints & write poems all day.   I’ll tell you what I think Catfish is:  a genuine piece of heaven,
that you can touch with your hands, while you drink good local beer & listen to great songs.  Thank you Jenni
and Brian, for creating such a space, and event.” – Walt Wilkins
“Combine excellent musical tastes with a pleasant outdoor venue and you’ve got a recipe for an exceptional evening. Catfish Concerts is a little oasis in the midst of South Austin.” – Gurf Morlix

“Catfish Concerts is proof that live music still lives in Austin, Texas. Jenni Finlay and Brian T. Atkinson truly love music and have all the right resources to help artists at all levels of success move a little closer to the top of that mountain. This unique series is as equally rewarding for the artist as it is the audience. Don’t miss out on these intimate once-in-a-lifetime performances.” – HalleyAnna

“Catfish Concerts is friendly folks in a relaxed atmosphere and a chance to play for authentic music lovers. What’s not to love?” – Rod Picott

“We had a wonderful time at Catfish Concerts. Noel and I felt like we were in a nature preserve without leaving Austin, Texas. We felt very welcome and I think our warm and friendly audience did, too. I’d play there every night if I could.” – Brennen Leigh

“It’s obvious that the folks at Catfish Concerts are passionate about music. At this scenic south Austin hideout, a regular Sunday afternoon transforms into a celebration of song.” – Matt Harlan

“At Catfish Concerts, an artist can easily connect with a crowd of true music lovers in what feels like a meaningful way. I really treasure and enjoyed playing at a place where songwriting is valued so greatly.” – Ryan Culwell

“I sure was grateful that Kathleen O’Keefe and I could be included in one of these great shows at Catfish Concerts! Not only is the roster of talent on this year’s series SOME OF THE BEST IN AUSTIN, but it’s just a wonderful South Austin vibe with some really friendly folks.”  – Philip Gibbs

“Catfish Concerts are the greatest: Friendly dog, lovely people and some of the best salsa ever made.” – Curtis McMurtry

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